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Spirit 74 Maxi Dolphin 65 
Spirit 111 Wally 60  
Marten 82 J-Class  
Marten 80 Perini 45 m  
Felci Yachts 71   Frers 107  
Felci Yachts 61  Frers 72  
Maxi Dolphin 65  Swan 100 
Swan 90  Swan 70  
Swan 80   Swan 70 

Sails for large vessles:


Power & performance

Bring supreme control and mastery to every situation. The joy of sailing a super yacht with Loong Sails is something that must be experienced to be understood. If you demand the best, our proven designs and construction techniques deliver. We’ll strike the right balance between performance and durability to deliver you the best sailing experience possible.


Sails for large vessels:

Super Yachts

Loong Sails carefully designs and crafts all sails to meet and exceed the needs and demands of our customers. You will be provided with extraordinarily high-quality sails at the Right cost.


Sails for large vessels:

Right Material

For Superyacht sails. Most important, alway stay in Shape with the right Material; for Loong Sails, we only think of using Dyneema as a basic Material and finish with One Piece finish. Sails 


Sails for large vessels: