Cancelaction policy

Cancellation Policy for Loongsails

At Loongsails, we understand that circumstances may necessitate the cancellation of an order. To ensure a fair and transparent process, we have established the following cancellation policy :

  1. Cancellation Within 24 Hours

  2. If a customer decides to cancel their order within 24 hours of placing it, whether by phone or email, a full refund of the deposit will be issued. Notably, no fees will be applied for refunds processed via PayPal. However, a charge for bank transfers may be applicable.

  3. Cancellation Between 24 Hours and a Week

  4. If a cancellation occurs after the initial 24-hour window but before a week has passed since the order was placed, the deposit will be refunded. Nevertheless, this scenario will incur both bank and PayPal transfer fees, and an administrative cost equivalent to 30% of the deposit will be charged.

  5. Cancellation After One Week

  6. Exception with Notification: If the customer informs us of the cancellation beyond the one-week mark, while the deposit cannot be returned, the customer will qualify for a 20% discount on their next order.

  7. Orders cancelled beyond the one-week mark from the order date cannot be refunded. Failure to notify us of the cancellation will result in a negative record associated with the customer profile. Subsequent orders placed by this customer will require a 100% deposit.

This policy ensures a structured and fair approach to cancellations while enabling us to maintain the quality and efficiency of our services. For any queries or clarification regarding this policy, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

Thank you for choosing Loongsails.

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