Code Zero

Introducing the Code Zero Sail by Loong Sails: The Ultimate Performance Addition

Crafted for enthusiasts of performance-driven sailing, the Code Zero sail epitomizes supreme sailing prowess, especially in light to medium wind reaching conditions, covering approximately 75% of the maximum asymmetric area.

Race victories often hinge on performance, especially in lighter wind conditions. Loong Sails' Code Zero sails bridge the gap between upwind headsails and downwind spinnakers, providing a crucial advantage.

Optimizing your racing sail inventory becomes effortless with our Code Zero. It's the sail that propels you forward at 5 or 6 knots, tailored for reaching applications in harbor, coastal, and offshore races. When your Jib and gennaker are beyond their optimal range, this sail ensures the power you need to navigate your boat seamlessly.

At Loong Sails, our team of experts meticulously crafts Code Zero sails, customizing them precisely for close-reaching winds and your specific boat. The amalgamation of performance and handling prowess sets our Code Zero apart. Owners attest that nothing else matches its unparalleled responsiveness and precise control, delivering an unrivaled sailing experience.

Our Code Zero sails stand as a testament to the excellence that defines Loong Sails across every aspect. For those who demand the best on the racecourse, settling for anything less from your Code Zero sail isn't an option.

Eliminate the weak link in your racing sail inventory with our invaluable Code Zero sail – an asset that might be missing from your collection.

Choose between Masthead or Fractional (FRO) sails, tailored with premium material options:

- Membrane 4D Code Zero - Constructed with string fiber sails

- Tri-Radial Membrane Code Zero - Crafted from DP GP material

If you're eager to experience the thrill of competitive racing, contact your nearest Loong Sails loft today and equip yourself with the ultimate edge.