Ordering Sails

Ordering Process:

Step 1: Request a quote

Feel free to contact us via email or phone for an initial quote. Share your boat's details and sail requirements. While offering guidance on suitable material and design, we provide quotes without any obligation. Provide us with:

- Boat type

- Sail type (e.g., main, furling genoa)

- Sailing location and conditions

- Type of sailing (racing, cruising, or both)

Step 2: Measurement

After reviewing the initial pricing, you might wish to proceed with an order.

Use the forms available on our website to record accurate measurements. Minimal equipment like a pencil, printed forms, and tape measures suffice. Photograph any unique features or measurements, and we'll assist you as needed via call or email.

Submit the completed forms through scanning, photography, or by phone.

Step 3: Final Quote

Once we receive your accurate rig dimensions and discuss specific features (e.g., Blue Water finishing, reef numbers), we'll provide a final quote. It's likely to be close to the initial estimate and possibly lower!

Step 4: Deposit to Commence Production

To initiate production (approximately three weeks), a 50% deposit is required. We employ cutting-edge design software and equipment alongside a skilled team to create your sail.

Step 5: Final Payment

Upon completion and readiness for shipping, the remaining 50% payment is due. We'll forward the tracking information once the final payment is received.

Step 6: Delivery

Expect your order to arrive within an estimated week after completion.