Welcome to our line of symmetrical spinnakers. With our four separate profiles to choose from, S1-S4, we guarantee improved performance and ease of sail trim

S1 Light Air Reaching

Light Air Reaching Symmetrical Spinnaker. In the past would have been called a VMG spinnaker. Used in winds to light to sail deeper than 110 degrees AWA and would like suggest under 10 knots. It will be 90% max sail area.

Racing Symmetric Spinnakers

S2 All Purpose Running Kite

Light/Medium Air Running Symmetrical Spinnaker. Full size with big shoulders designed to fly at deep angles. 

110~170 degree/ 6~18 Knots

medium wind runner (max area)

medium nylon material


Medium Air Reaching symmetrical Spinnaker. Wider and deeper shape than the S1. Yet narrower and flatter than the S2 and S4

70-130 degree/ 10-20 Knots

S4  Heavy Air Runner

The S4 is primarily used for heavy air running. It contains smaller area compared to the S2

120-170 degree/ 14-30 Knots