Loong Sails Touring Specification

DCX Line

Dimension-Polyant's DCX cruising laminates are a high-durability fabric that offers low stretch. The mesh embedded in two films with a special taffeta on both ends provides excellent warp stretch value and high tear strength and is easy to handle. The film covering taffetas are robust and coated with our unique UVM® Finish, protecting against harmful UV radiation and reducing mildew growth. The DCX line is one of the latest sandwich laminate developments in the industry, upgraded by a 9° X-PLY® to benefit from significantly increased support for the occurring diagonal forces.

Hydra Net® radial

Hydra Net® radial is a high-tech sailcloth that offers both racing and cruising sailors a lighter, stronger, and more durable sail. It is made with tightly woven polyester and Ultra-PE fibers, giving it excellent tear strength and resistance to mildew growth. With Hydra Net® radial, you can achieve radial design targets that were previously only possible with laminates. Plus, the sailcloth can be combined with other fabrics for custom construction.

Marblehead-Cross Cut

Marblehead Sailcloth is a high-performance sail material that offers excellent durability and sail shape retention. It is produced using Interlock technology, which results in a higher fibre density and better sail shape. It is made from Fiber104, a custom polyester with high modulus and UV resistance properties. Sailors can rely on Marblehead for quality sail shapes for coastal, offshore, or global cruising.


The Fastnet product line is our Premium Offshore Cruising fabric. Fastnet is the most durable offshore cruising dacron. It is constructed using massive warp fibres that will significantly improve the longevity of the sail compared to other fabrics. This new concept of using an increased denier on the surface area of the sail is the most efficient and cost-effective way of extending a sail’s life. 


Dacron: Polyester is a popular sailcloth fibre due to its durability, low cost, and desirable properties such as high abrasion resistance, UV resistance, and flex strength. Although higher modulus fibres have replaced it in some products, Loong Sails offers a variety of specialized Dacron cloths for different sailing needs, from racing dinghies to large cruising yachts.


Dacron hybrid: Dacron-Dyneema Hybrid is a more recent addition to the range of performance woven sailcloth. Designed for performance cruising yachts and long-distance cruising, the Dacron-Dyneema combo provides strength and durability in a woven fabric suited to radial sails. Due to the woven construction and the strength of Dyneema yarns, this Dacron Hybrid is resistant to damage from wear and tear and mildew buildup.


HYDRANET: Hydranet boasts comfortable handling, higher flex stretch, increased anti-mildew resistance and better durability and is available in both crosscut and radial construction methods.


Crosscut: Hydranet is a tightly woven high-tenacity fabric with a "net" of Ultra-PE for offshore cruisers. This special construction has been refined and developed using high-performance looms to create a fabric that is unique in the sailcloth market.


Radial: Hydrant radial sails offer superior strength and longevity with their special weave and finish. Its high share of Ultra-PE fibres in the warp direction provides a tight weave for excellent shape retention. This range of fabrics can be combined for step-up construction.

– Individual Sail design– Warp Drive Polyester or Cruising Laminate TriRadial
– Seams with UV stabilised thread
– Stainless steel rings reinforced with webbing
– Heavy radial patches
– Extra strong tapes and batten pockets with Velcro lock or tie in type
– Low stretch leech line with Clam Cleat
– Two draft stripes for visual reference of draft position
– Full rows of Tell-tales
– XL sail bag
Loong Sails is one of the market leaders for crusing sails built to highest level of durability and performance.